Pollinator-Friendly Solar

Community Goodwill

Help solar power get a warm welcome by creating beautiful pollinator habitat on your solar sites. You can alleviate community concerns – and generate positive publicity – by providing attractive, pollinator-friendly habitats that also serve as a carbon sink.

Enriched Farmland

Increase the productivity of your solar sites by replenishing them with a native plant ecosystem. Farmers will welcome the thought of soil that has been nourished for decades.


How I Can Help

Whether you’re a municipality, utility, energy buyer, or solar developer, I can help you create pollinator-friendly solar sites.

My services include:

  • RFP and solar law language development
  • Proposal review
  • Native plant, seed, fencing, landscaper, and restoration specialist sourcing
  • Project and maintenance team education
  • Stakeholder outreach, including Town Councils, Planning Boards, Zoning Boards, committees, and conservation groups
  • Community engagement and education campaigns
  • Content creation, such as articles, web pages, presentations, and info sheets
  • Media coverage and public relations