Want To Make Your Community Pollinator-Friendly?

I help municipalities and HOAs support native plants with their policies and landscaping.

It costs 5 times as much to maintain a conventional landscape as it does to maintain a native plant landscape.


– EPA, Greenscaping: Greenacres, A Source Book on Natural Landscaping for Public Officials

I Help You


Set Goals & Priorities

Get Stakeholder Input

Conduct Needs Surveys

Review Existing Policy


Develop New Policy

Consider Incentives

You will get everything you need for your attorney, landscaper, public works team, and garden committee to move forward.

You Will Get


Model Language for Your Attorney


Native Plant Sources


Community Education Tools


Resources for Public Officials and HOAs


List of Plants Native to Your Region


Habitat Checklist


List of Invasive Plants in Your Region


Native Plant Tracking Sheet


Native Plant Substitution List


A median landscaped with native plants is 5% the cost of asphalting.


– Craig Dremann, Ecoseeds

Jennifer Michelle, MPH

As much as I love native plants and pollinators, my gardening skills would not impress anyone. What I bring to the table is a process I have honed over many years as a healthcare marketing consultant. My expertise is in managing projects and facilitating communications. And, having been president of my condo’s HOA, I also know firsthand the pressures of running a homeowners association. It takes more thought to create a pollinator-friendly community than it does to plant some milkweed in your own yard. My process makes it easy.


Jennifer was organized and kept us on track throughout the project.

Sharon Woods


Jennifer is flexible and deliverable-oriented, and brought clarity of process and thought to our project.

Tony Titus

Vector Remote

We would never have accomplished this on our own.

Karen Utley


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